Surfer 2500 fast crew boat

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Surfer 2500 – Fast Crew Boat

Crew Boat Caracteristics

28.9m (length)
7.2m (width)
0.92m (draught)
30 kts (max speed)
27 kts (cruise speed)
70m² (deck area)
4x1650 L (Fuel Tanks)
15T (Freight)
32 passengers
5 Crews

Aluminum Hull

Waterjet HJ 403

Motor MAN D2842 LE 405

Crew Boat Design

  • New Range of Crew Boat
    Now part of our crew-boat range the SURFER 2500 was originally built to the particular requirements of a client for a vessel able to transport personnel in heavy sea conditions.
  • Oil & Gas Solution
    Adaptable for passenger loads between 32 and 70 the 2500 offers excellent comfort, with shockabsorbed accommodation, and a cruising speed of 26 knots provided by 4 Diesel engines powering water-jets.
  • Safety & Cargo solution
    Equipped with a fire-fighting pump delivering 600CM, remotely controlled from the wheelhouse, 2500 can also carry up to 15 tons of cargo on the 58 m2 foredeck.

The crew boat “Surfer 2500” serie

The crew boat “Surfer 2500” serie

Crew Boat Downloads

Crew Boat Launching

Esus 190

This Thursday, May 28, 2015 , the third crew boat of the range has just been launched! The ship, currently under tests completed its all performance criteria.

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Chantiers Allais

Chantiers Allais


After 28 years of exemplary collaboration with BOURBON, for which we have built over 300 SURFER that have become the benchmark for small and fast crew boats in Oil & Gas, we decided by mutual agreement to evolve our trade relations.

Since November 2014 we are able to deliver to ship-owners who would request, SURFERs’ models of  which we own the copyright.

Esus Models are directly declined from the Surfer increasing the reliability and comfort to bring to our customers efficiant tools for the safety transfer of people on Oil & Gas plateforms.

Our aluminum hull design offers the best performance at high speed.

In 30 years of experience, our Design Office has worked in relation with our client to optimise all the details that make of our constructions ships that matched all the particularity of crew boats’ operation .

We also offer services like training programs, maintenance, repair, spare parts managment… that shall increase the reliability of your crew boat.

Do You need an economical and efficient solution? Please contact us, we shall be happy to make you benefit from our experience.