Surfer 221 fast crew boat

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Surfer 221® – Fast Crew Boat

Crew Boat Caracteristics

22.68m (length)
5.85m (width)
0.932m (draught)
29 kts (max speed)
27 kts (cruise speed)
32m² (deck area)
3x1650 L (Fuel Tanks)
3T (Freight)
36 passengers
3 Crews

Aluminum Hull

Waterjet HJ 403

Motor MAN D2842 LE 405

Crew Boat Design

  • New Range of Crew Boat
    With 13 of this type produced so far, the Surfer 221-2200 is one of our larger crew-boats, offering up to 42 passenger seats in a variety of configurations.
  • Oil & Gas Solution
    The Surfer 221-2200 offers excellent comfort levels, with shockabsorbed cabin and a cruising speed of 28 knots achieved with 3 Diesel engines supplying water-jet propulsion.
  • Safety & Cargo solution
    The Surfer 221-2200 is equipped with a remote-controlled firefighting pump and can carry up to 3 tons of cargo on the 34m2 fore-deck.

The crew boat “Surfer 221” serie

The crew boat “Surfer 221” serie

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Crew Boat Launching

Esus 190

This Thursday, May 28, 2015 , the third crew boat of the range has just been launched! The ship, currently under tests completed its all performance criteria.

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