Surfer 200 fast crew boat

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Surfer 200® – Fast Crew Boat

Crew Boat Caracteristics

20m (length)
6m (width)
0.9m (draught)
28 kts (max speed)
26 kts (cruise speed)
15m² (deck area)
3x1600 L (Fuel Tanks)
2T (Freight)
43 passengers
3 Crews

Aluminum Hull

Waterjet HJ 403

Motor MTU 12V-183TE

Crew Boat Design

  • A reference in our range of crew boats
    SURFER 200 is a reference in our range of crew boats, in which this model is more specially dedicated to operations on average distance, needing crew accommodation on board. With 42 seats in the passengers’ cabin, for a length that does not exceed 20 m, SURFER 200 is an outstanding model in the SURFER’s range.
  • Oil & Gas Solution
    SURFER 200 offers excellent conditions of comfort, thanks to the fully insulated passengers cabin, mounted on shocks absorber, and a cruising speed of 28 knots, thanks to high power of the 3 diesel engines driving water jets.
  • Safety solution
    In addition to a fire fighting pump of 600CM, with monitor remote controlled from the wheelhouse, SURFER 200 can carry a cargo of 2 tons on its
    15 m² fore deck.

The crew boat “Surfer 200” serie

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Crew Boat Launching

Esus 190

This Thursday, May 28, 2015 , the third crew boat of the range has just been launched! The ship, currently under tests completed its all performance criteria.

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