ESUS 140 fast crew boat

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Esus 140 – Fast Crew Boat

Crew Boat Caracteristics

14m (length)
4.63m (width)
0.7m (draught)
27 kts (max speed)
24 kts (cruise speed)
8m² (deck area)
2x750 L (Fuel Tanks)
0.75T (Freight)
20 passengers
2 Crews

Aluminum Hull

Waterjet HJ 364

Motor MAN D2866 LXE

Crew Boat Design

  • New Range of Crew Boat
    ESUS 140 is a come back to the sources of the small fast crew boat. It is the input range model of our crew boats, and it has been designed to minimize cost, as well in investment, as in operation and maintenance.
  • Oil & Gas Solution
    ESUS 140 is economic, simple, so, reliable and efficient for the quick transportation of personnel and small fret, mainly intended for short range between the platforms of an off-shore field.
  • Crew Boat Fundamentals
    Nevertheless, the fundamentals remain:

    Mechanically injected engines, water-jets, Deep V hull,all elements that have contributed to the success of the crew boat.

  • Speed capacity
    With a max speed of 30 knots, ESUS 140 is the taxi boat of offshore Oil and Gas industry.

The crew boat “Esus 140” serie

The crew boat “Esus 140” serie

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Crew Boat Launching

Esus 190

This Thursday, May 28, 2015 , the third crew boat of the range has just been launched! The ship, currently under tests completed its all performance criteria.

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